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Beautiful Crystals

We are only happy to tune into your vibration to select the stones related to your requirements.

Meditation CDs

These meditation CD's are based on

Self help * Cleansing * Healing * Clarity

Opening and closing techniques, which enable one to find a focus and balance in their own lives. 

Spritzers & Energetic Elixirs

Balancing * Grounding * Love and Peace  * Clarity   *   Self Awareness * Protection * Moving Forward

Smudging Sticks


Grandfather Sage (loose) and smudging sticks
Other Varieties available

Books and Cards

  • The Crystal Bible – Judy Hall
  • The body is the Barometer of the Soul – Annette Noontil
  • Love is in the Earth – Kaleidoscope of Crystals
  • Love is in the Earth – Kaleidoscope Pictorial Supplement A
  • Love is in the Earth – Kaleidoscope Pictorial Supplement
  • Love is in the Earth – Laying on of Stones
  • Crystal Ally Cards – Naisha Ashian
  • The Book of Stones - Robert Simmons an Naisha Ahsian
  • Meditations for Children - Maureen Garth
  • Moldavite - Robert Simmons
  • Self Care Cards – Cheryl Richardson
  • Tarot  - Rider Waite
  • Thoth Tarot – Aleister Crowley

  Best sellers & other books available just contact us

How To Order

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We do mail order for our customers with the final payment made prior to shipment of goods.

Read our Contact and Ordering Details page for more information on how to order and methods of payment accepted.

 To buy products or place special orders e-mail Geoff or Christine or phone on (61) 0418 415 807

  Our body is our temple, we must look after it and maintain it fo r the journey it must take in this life.

It is our vessel, so it is important for us to look after it inside and out.

Payment options


Postage and Handling (within Australia)

Allow 2 weeks for delivery, phone, fax or email for P&H costs

Max Postage (may be varied depending on weight)


Order Total  Postage Approx
$0 to19.99   $4.50
$20 to 59.99   $8.50
$60 to $99.99  $11.50
$100 to $249.99 $16.50
$250 to $699.99    $22.00
$700 and over      $28.00

All prices quoted are in Australia dollars.

"We care about the well-being of your mind, body and spirit"

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