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"I have been attending development classes, workshops, church services, healing & drumming with Christine & Geoff over the last year and have found them to be very informative, inspirational, helpful and fun. Christine & Geoff are a truly wonderful couple with an ever increasing depth of knowledge and experience between them. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with them, progressed in my development, and looking forward to what the future may hold."

Jan – Liverpool


"I have been attending classes with Chris and Geoff for approximately 2 years. The classes are designed to provide you with a selection of tools to help you with your journey.

Chris and Geoff are supportive and give guidance and direction to help you find the answers to the numerous questions that arise and open pathways for your development in a safe and nurturing environment.

Yes, Geoff sometimes seems like he is lecturing you, but it is his way of guiding you to answer your own questions and doubts.
I have learnt so much already in the 12 months that I have been sitting in the 'circle'." Annette - Blacktown


"I first contacted Crystal Stargate in early 2005 during which time I was experiencing a crucial changeover period in my growth. I found the appointed readings extremely important in re-assessing several key areas in my life, and information was forwarded relating to my specific personal situation that I was able to directly use. My particular readings also provided an information base that I could draw upon in a personal way, as well as adding and supporting one’s metaphysical beliefs and understandings. For the open-minded, one found the information forwarded about this life and other life expressions quite revealing and individually intriguing. I have also had a couple of body healing sessions with the Crystal Stargate people to relieve emotional stresses and energy imbalances. This was proved to be most beneficial. The workshops are interactive, informative and intellectually stimulating. There is an emphasis on practical exercises and activities, and the theories taught complement very effectively the aims of the sessions. With Crystal Stargate, I have found people who respect and nurture the potential of the individual, providing encouragement and knowledge and valuing this philosophy." Jeffrey S. University of NSW


"Just felt the need to let you both know what a beautiful gift you gave today - it was so beautifully and carefully put together with such love and generosity I walked away feeling very special with a sense of belonging to some really wonderful people. It was truly one of the most special gifts I have ever been given. I am so grateful to have found you and to be a part of your spiritual teaching it really means the world to me especially at this time in my life (although if you could wave a magic wand and make it all fall into place I'd be stoked with that too!)
There's very little words I can use to describe my gratitude so I just have to be content in the knowledge that the love is coming back around to you and may you feel it tenfold." Shannon G


"I would just like to say thank you for a very special and moving experience it was for me at class yesterday.
I would also like to thank you for your continual giving and guidance during my journey and allowing me the space to ponder and make sense of my own experiences. It's quite a trip and you never make me feel 'lesser than' as you continue to uplift and inspire as I tread water in my own little pond." Susan


"I have attended several workshops that Christine and Geoff have conducted. The knowledge, quality and professionalism that both Christine and Geoff possess and bring to their workshops are amazing. When I attended the drum making workshop I found that the techniques, patience and attention to detail that brought to the workshop was outstanding. Their delivery is concise, practical and applicable and I had so much fun. Christine and Geoff know what their audience needs are and deliver the information in their own unique way. I would recommend these workshops to anyone who is looking for spiritual direction, an awakening experience or just to have good fun and meet some like minded people." Kathy L


"Geoff and Christine run their “school” from the suburbs of Sydney. But what is different about the way Geoff & Christine work is the way they teach. This is a class, and the doings of the spiritual world are taught rather like you would teach anything - and, in this case, there is a solid emphasis on practical work. We “do” things every week. The atmosphere is friendly, casual. Before I found Geoff & Christine I sat in another circle for six months and felt nothing - I was purely an observer. There is no right, nor wrong way, no-one is belittled, and Geoff & Christine are always at pains to point out that our own abilities are unique to us, and every one of us will have different experiences and learn at a different rate and in a different direction. It’s hard to surprise these two - they are aware of their students in a way other teachers can only dream of emulating." Stephen J – Byron Bay


"I have known Christine and Geoffrey for four years and I have found them genuine in their beliefs and that they operate with integrity and show compassion and understanding to people of all levels of spiritual development. They create an harmonious and cohesion environment for group meetings and provide a safe haven for people to explore their spiritualism." Roy P - Ramsgate


"I came into this Trance course not really knowing what to expect. Only having an urgency from my guides to attend. The day was full on with loads of information regarding Trance Channeling. I learnt so much from this subject. I don't feel I would have learnt this much from a book. The course involved a lot of little mini exercises, so we could put to practice what we were learning. This I found extremely useful. If I'd not done this, I wouldn't have thought I could even attempt to do it. This has, in turn increased my confidence with my own connection with my guides. Christine and Geoff are a unique and amazing couple with a wonderful warmth and abundance of knowledge in all things spiritual. I'm blessed to have met them - Many, many thanks." Blazenka.


"This was a last minute spur of the moment course. I brought a flyer home with this course pictured and thought it would be a wonderful thing to do. Like many busy people placed it on the cupboard and forgot about it. It kept falling out at me, every time, in the most unique way. So I finally booked myself in. I can't even begin to explain the fun and enjoyment I had making my very own medicine drum. From kneading the skin, to the weaving it was a spiritual and wonderful experience. Christine & Geoff gave support constantly whilst making the drum. I came away with a very special medicine drum that I love to use. Two weeks later from the drum drying, I noticed a pattern on the skin, it was (what I believe is my totem animal) a wolf. How special. Thank you for this wonderful course and experience. Can't wait for the next course." Blazenka.


"Christine and Geoff's teachings have alleviated me to progress more within my spiritual path, by following instruction from spirit, there teaching methods inspire and allow the class to explore and experiment their individual talents. Tuesdays night is always a night to look forward to!" Christina - Riverwood


"I have known Chris and Geoff for many years.
My association with them has been of a personal as well as a professional manner
Over the last few years I have been sitting in a circle with them both to developed my abilities.
My experience of working with them has been extraordinary.
Their obvious love and feeling for other people, and in-depth knowledge in their fields really comes out when you are working so closely with them.
I would recommend them to anybody that would like to experience the same wonderful experiences that I have."
Judy M. Home Executive.


"My experiences with Christine & Geoff Kingsley of Crystal Stargate have been uplifting, extremely spiritual, very loving and sometimes extremely amazing. Christine is gentle, loving and kind, but very firm, she allows me to be me and develop at my own pace. Geoff is there for those of us with bad memories, or who are in denial, to remind us to be focused and to trust, and to cleanse & protect…the loving energy from him has to be experienced to be believed, it’s amazing. I find they complement each other very well. I would and often do recommend them to all and sundry as teachers, as they teach with our best interests at heart, often doing more than is expected. With their combined loving energy, I have progressed farther than I ever thought I would."
Sylvia L - Bexley


"Naturally talented healers, Geoff and Christine’s skills can be described nothing less than extraordinary.  Committed to their talents they are beyond compare as they bring to their clients and students the highest quality of service. Their generosity in what they give to individuals is startling yet reflective of their commitment to helping others." Lisa Westerlaken, Life Coach, NLP Practitioner – The Inner Sage


"After receiving a massage and healing from Chris I felt enlightened, balanced, had clarity of mind and have insight towards my goals that I have set before me. Physically I feel relieved from tension, which had been stored throughout my body”.Jeanette - Healer, NLP Practitional, Colour Therapy


“Due to the high level of stress in my professional career. I am prone to back pain and headaches. Over the past seven years Geoff has achieved major results in terms of elevating both my back pain and headaches by using his magic touch. Not only does Geoff work on my physical being by massage, he also helps to understand my spiritual needs as a person in order to protect myself from harm and negativity which causes my stress. I  recommend Geoff’s ability to any person seeking a holistic balance in their life”. Tony H. Managing Director


"I have been sitting in a development class run by Christine and Geoff for 6 years. They continually give their time and energy to nurture, encourage and direct the development of all of us who sit with them. The directions for each of us may be different but they accommodate the needs of us all.
During the past couple of years they have also run many day workshops on different topics. I personally have attended a few – from learning techniques to read the aura to meeting and getting to know my guides. The crystal workshops run by Christine are very informative and give great insight into the healing aspects of crystals. I have thoroughly enjoyed these workshops and have learnt a great deal.
Christine and Geoff are excellent teachers and anyone who sits with them has an immediate advantage in developing their gifts. I cannot thank them enough for all the help and guidance they have given me."
Sandra - Randwick


"When there is a synthesis of  dedication, love, integrity, support and a genuine care for the human spirit then you know you cannot ask for anything more. Christine and Geoffrey possess such qualities. Their combined talents blend together in unison and are utilised for the betterment of humanity.  Individually, they each possess a variety of skills and are extremely diverse in their knowledge and practices.  Be rest assured, beneficial experiences abound."  Tricia Hunt, In Esse - Astrological & Psychic Counselor.


"We had two houses on the market, both for approximately 6 months. We asked Geoff and Christine to cleanse the houses for us as we were just not able to connect with a purchaser.  During the cleansing Geoff and Christine were able to help several lost souls and negative energy still within the houses to be removed.  After the cleansing, both houses were sold within three weeks.  We genuinely feel that the houses would have remained on the market for quite some time to come and we would have sold them for less than we were able to achieve had they not been cleansed.  We thank Geoff and Christine for their work as we have been able to move on in our lives.  We find them both extremely sincere and genuine.  We feel that they come from the right space – their intent is wholesome and their integrity impeccable. We have no hesitation in recommending Geoff and Christine to anyone who may require this type of work." George and Dora

"We care about the well-being of your mind, body and spirit"

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