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Knowledge and Guidance through Truth and Love

Geoff and Christine Kingsley developed "The Crystal Stargate Method" over 25 years ago, which includes the understanding and successful implemetation of Ground, Cleanse and Protect (GCP), which forms part of the structure of education/learning the essentials of self and spirit.

Crystal Stargate provides a range of spiritual and creative workshops catering
to the needs of those who wish to unlock and understand their own abilities.
Part of the policy of Crystal Stargate is to offer a structured approach to
learning and therefore some workshops are pre-requisite for others.

Through the understanding of one's self it is possible to achieve your full
potential and move through the obstacles of life. Knowledge and love are
the means of empowering the client and/or student to walk their path
knowing that spirit are supporting them.

Our workshops are nourishing, fun and interactive

"So where are you at in your life right now?"

"Do you know yourself?"

Below are some of the workshops available.

Our Workshops range from $225.00 to $450.00 dependant on days and structure.

For further information contact Crystal Stargate

Personal Development Workshops

Pathways to Self
- Previously "Developing the Psyche"

We all have “The Gift” because we are "The Gift"

Through "The Crystal Stargate Method" including GCP (ground, cleanse and protect) you will learn the important foundations required when working with spirit and your own energies. In this workshop you will be given tools and exercises to understand more about yourself through GCP and other important techniques. To enable you to recognise what is around you (physically, spiritually and mentally) during this workshop your questions will be addressed in detail. This workshop will give you the basics to work with spirit by allowing you to create your own safe and loving environment.

This workshop is a pre-requisite for sitting in Meditation/Development classes and for the Diploma in Energetic and Spiritual Healing.

Self Awareness

Know the Energy Systems of your body

"Chakra" is an ancient Sanskrit term meaning "spinning wheel". This term is used to describe these spinning vortexes of electromagnetic energy that are the basis of the energetic systems of the body.

In this workshop we will explore the Chakra System (Traditional Seven, Soul and Earth Star) in great detail. From emotions, concerns, imbalances, organs, symptoms, soul issues and the questions and affirmations for clearing the blockages associated with these Chakras. An intensive and informative workshop.

This workshop is a pre-requisite for Mediumship Made Easy and/or Trance Channeling.

Seeing and Understanding the Aura

“Do you see what I see?”

Come along and learn to retrain your eyes to see and sense the aura, as a child it was natural to you. You will be shown how to recognise the energy and colours of the aura and interpret them.

Learn the different layers within the aura, including emotions and blockages within this system. Upon completion of this workshop you will have a stronger understanding of the auric field and how it works for yourself and for others.

Meeting Your Guides

Are you ready to meet your friends on the other side?

This workshop will give you the opportunity to gain a closer connection to spirit (spirit guides and helpers). You will learn how to connect with the realms of spirit, how your guides will work with you and how to recognise their energy. The workshop will also include many exercises to help you make your connection easier and build trust. Come join us for this very special journey.

This workshop is a pre-requisite for Mediumship Made Easy and/or Trance Channeling.

Mediumship Made Easy

Develop yourself further

In this workshop we will explore the common forms of mediumship, what mediumship is and is not, the pitfalls and procedures for using your gifts. We will pay particular attention to proof of survival techniques and delivery. Content of a private sitting and public forum will also be addressed.

Pre-requisites for this Workshop: Pathways to Self, Self Awareness and Meeting your Guides


"Are you ready to Channel your friends on the other side?"

Learn to connect and open to spirit to allow the channel to flow, expanding your knowledge and understanding of how spirit works for you and with you. Locked inside each of us is our own truth, which once released will give each person so much more joy and understanding. Walking this path can lead to contentment in your life. Once you connect with your guides and allow the messages to flow, you will be surprised at the pure poetry flowing from within.

Pre-requisites for this Workshop: Pathways to Self, Self Awareness, Meeting your Guides and Mediumship Made Easy.

Healing Level I

Awaken your natural healing abilities!

In this workshop be prepared to awaken your healing abilities if you are a beginner and increase your effectiveness if you already practice with these energies.
Learn to understand and work with your guides and the healing energies that flow through you to utilise for yourself and others. Learn techniques in self healing, self cleansing, managing your energies and hands on practice.

This is a pre-requisite for Healing Level II

Healing Level II

Refine your natural healing abilities!

In this workshop be prepared to further awaken and refine your healing abilities. You will also increase your effectiveness when working with your gifts and guides.

Gain further insight and understanding when working with your guides and the healing energies that flow through you. Learn scanning, remote healing and further techniques to work with your clients.

Inner Journey Using Natures Tools

So you want to Understand Crystals?

During this workshop you will be shown different tools to delve into your inner self, past, present and future. Learning the healing powers of crystals and oils, how to cleanse, balance and focus them to benefit you and/or your client and the safest way to make essences.

You will learn about these living energies and the healing powers that flow through them.

Healing with Colour

Colour is all around us, it is energy and vibration.

In this workshop you will learn the meaning of colours, to help guide you in your healing and general day to day activities.

Learn how colour effects our lives and why we choose certain colours at certain times. We will also share how to use colour as a healing tool.

Creative Workshops

Dreamcatcher Workshop

In this workshop you will be guided in how to use your creative energy to make your very own dreamcatcher, and discover the origins of the dreamcatcher legend. You will create a 6” dreamcatcher, wrapped in leather, with woven web, and a feather decoration. Students are encouraged to bring any special beads, feathers, or any other ‘found’ objects that they would like to incorporate into their own dream-catcher. This is a fun and enjoyable workshop.

Feather Decorating Workshop

Come along and learn the art of decorating your own personal feathers. First we will make your ceremonial feather for smudging, etc. Then you will be given the inspiration to make your own feather using the colours that are relevant to your own personality.

Medicine Drum Workshop

Hear the Beat of Mother Earth

The beat of the drum is an integral part of our lives, beginning when the baby in the womb hears the beat of its mother’s heart.

Geoff and Christine use Australian Deer Skin, which connects us with the gentle energies of the earth. Those who join Geoff and Christine’s Drum making workshop session become profoundly aware of the beauty of the beat and vibration of the drum as well as the intensity of the spiritual inspiration it engenders.

Creating your own drum helps the maker become at one with their drum to help heal all on Mother Earth including the self.


"We care about the well-being of your mind, body and spirit"

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